Howdy Partner!

I'm Naveed. I'm an Engineer by day, and a YouTuber by night.

I'm currently on my second year as a Client Technical Professional at IBM working heavily in consumer and travel industry which has been quite an exciting and education period in my life in terms of learning about variety of industries and how technology solves their problems.

By night, I like share lessons that I've learned in my own life. Whether that be in finance, entrepreneurship, or health. With the intention that it helps you live more of a fulfilling life a little bit faster than I am.

What I'm Working On

👨🏾‍💻 I'm currently working as client technical professional at IBM. I earned my degree in Computer Science at University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to that, I studied Nutritional Sciences at University of Texas at Austin, however I left that program with 12 hours to go.

🎬 On my YouTube channel, I enjoy filming videos about finance, lifestyle, and productivity. Check out the videos that people found most interesting.

🍵 I'm also currently working on a start up that I hope to reveal more so on later this year.

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